Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You for Attending Our Double Feature!

Howdy. I just wanted to send out a big THANKS for all of you who attended our double feature tonight. I don't know about any of you, but I had an excellent time. If anybody would like to discuss tonight's films, please feel free to do so here!

Take care.



  1. Never been more confused in my entire life.

  2. I think I can deal with all of the confusing things in Synecdoche, NY except for the idea that the one house was on fire. I think it's wonderful that it's just casually on fire through her entire life, but I can't figure out what it means. Any random theories are welcome.

  3. It just seemed to me, like there was a point in the film where everything started to fast forward. I felt like I had fallen asleep for a large chunk of the movie and woke up at a completely different part.

  4. I loved the film. I really can't offer very much of an interpretation right now, though. I plan on watching it again pretty soon. I especially like the way the film explores the concepts of identity and free will vs. determinism...


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