Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Documentary Film Showings in Library

The library started a Thursday Documentary Film Series that will show a variety of documentary films each month. This will take place at noon in LI213, so people are encouraged to bring lunch.

The film line-up is as follows:
March 26th - Beatrix Potter: Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman
(58min) "Based on the biography written by Judy Taylor, this documentary visits the countryside Beatrix Potter loved so much and shows many of the original exquisite water colors which illustrate her stories."

April 16th - The Poetry Lounge (42min)
"This video features four live spoken word performances and subsequent interviews with the poets themselves.

All the poems revolve around the twin themes of the diversity and interrelatedness of all human beings. “Four Little Girls” by Thea Monyee speaks to young girls of all races, shapes and sizes who try to fit themselves to stereotyped media images of femininity. “Black and White” by IN-Q and Omari Wise-O Hardwick is a collaborative effort about racism and the necessity to walk in the other man's shoes. “Unified Love” by Brutha Gimel speaks of understanding yourself through the images others have of you. And finally, “You Move me” by Gina Loring shows how all the things that reach your heart define who you are and connect you to the rest of the world.

Shihan Van Clief, Los Angeles based co-founder of Da Poetry Lounge, discusses the origins of spoken word performance. Many of the artists who are interviewed in the film began their careers in hip-hop and rap. They speak eloquently of the healing power of this form of self-expression and offer encouragement to aspiring young poets." Educational Media Reviews Online- January 14, 2005

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