Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Film Discussion "Tromeo and Juliet"

Tell us what you think of the film. Also an open discussion of Troma films in general. What do you love about them, what do you hate about them, any references that you think others may not catch?

All the body-piercing, kinky sex, and car crashes that Shakespeare wanted but never had! Join Tromeo (Will Keenan), Juliet (Jane Jensen), and Lemmy of Motorhead as they travel through Manhattan's underground in search of climactic love, violence, and the American Way. Tromeo and Juliet is thrust forward with hyper-kinetic performances and a cutting-edge soundtrack.


  1. Tromeo and Juliet was the first Tromeo film I have every viewed and I can see why it appeals to some people and disgusts a large population of others especially here in happy valley. The movie is a pastiche of Romeo and Juliet. Only with a lot more sex, violence and weirdness involved.
    The beginning is full of sex; there is minor plot movement and a general vague following of the Shakespeare plot. This is mostly given to you by what appears to be an overweight bearded man from a biker gang. Tromeo’s dad has lost his brain child, a porno film company called ‘Silky Films’ to Juliet’s dad. They have been at it ever since.
    You are introduced to Juliet sitting in her room; this is immediately followed by a lesbian sex scene with her cook, who most definitely had the better body. After this the weirdness really starts to kick in as Juliet has a dream where a big man walks up to her naked and reveals that his penis looks like the Chest burster alien from the movie alien, only much larger. And another weird dream where she gets impregnated by Tromeo only to have her stomach burst and have it be full of popcorn and rats.
    The man Juliet is going to be forced to marry is a pathetic redheaded meat seller who inflicts bodily pain on himself whenever something doesn’t go his way. He provides some amount of amusement but gets pretty annoying after a bit.
    The most enjoyable parts of the movie were the violent ones. It was nice, if cheap, makeup and blood packet violence. I’m so used to seeing poorly down digital violence that I sometimes forget how much cooler the stuff looks compared to what we get now. The top is definitely the end. Having the old exploding head is never old.
    The plot twist which revealed the secret about Tromeo and Juliet wasn’t very surprising and is pretty much given to you at the beginning of the movie. Other than a few lame parts the movie was pretty enjoyable. If you are not bothered by violence and sex then it’s worth a see.

  2. Thanks Jacob, that's a very good summary/review of this film. The muse at the beginning was Lemmy from Motorhead whose band has some music on the soundtrack as well. Great Classic Heavy Metal.

    Is it just me or does Juliet's fiance remind anyone else of Weird Al Yankovic?


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