Thursday, January 15, 2009

"After the Wedding" Discussion

If any of you would like to say something about After the Wedding, please comment to this post. Here's some questions to get us started:
  • What did you think/feel about the film?
  • What were some of your favorite scenes?
  • Were there any scenes that you couldn't stand? Why?
  • Did any of you walk out, or want to walk out, due to utter boredom/other?
  • What are some of the themes that you noticed in this film?
We'll, jump off from there - or do your own thing. Whatever. I just hope we can begin discussing the films that we show.

Take care.


  1. That film sucked. I walked out when the sex scene happened. Rated 7? Swedes are messed up and so are you!

  2. After the Wedding is a great film. I kept thinking that the main character was a bad actor, but then I realized that he had been working in India for 20 years. That in mind, his awkward, reserved nature around the adults was completely justified and remarkably well-played.
    It moved a little bit slow, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for putting it on. I'm glad we have our own so we don't have to go over to BYU anymore! haha

  3. To the annonymous poster above -- I saw a few people leave after the mother and daughter had their swearing session and after the sex scene, and I think it's sad that college aged people can't handle those scenes.

    Adults in the world tend to swear occasionally and have sex (that's why we have 6 billion people) and sometime they commit violent acts as well. Film, specifically good films, represent the lives of characters, so we can't, and shouldn't try to, escape from seeing those things.

    That being said, the movie was wonderful if a little slow. I was very impressed with the actor that played Jorgen. When he was railing against his impending doom I really felt for him.

    I think there is a comment in the movie about the danger of drinking as both Jacob and Jorgen had relationship problems related to heavy drinking, but I like that this film allowed other characters to drink in moderation where I think most U.S. cinema would demonize the drinkers and not have a representation of moderation.

  4. I agree with you, Beetle and Phinneas, very interesting points. I hadn't thought about the stiffness of the main character, but that was a nice observation about him spending 20 years in an orphanage in India, and then coming back not trusting people so much.

    I think that this film was interesting in that it it was full of hidden things being brought to light. Jorgen's disease, Jacob's past relationship with Jorgen's wife, the affair between the newly-wed man... These painful things get brought into the light and the characters deal with them as best as they can, and there is a kind of redemption in that.

    The film seemed like high-melodrama, almost like and art-house soap opera, and for me, it worked pretty well. I felt it dragging here and there, but I mostly enjoyed it.

    As far as the content of the film, which was apparently controversial, I can understand some people being offended and walking out. That's a person's right... But I want to mention one thing: Nobody was killed, murdered, tortured, etc. in this film. And ultimately, this film was humanistic and life affirming. It was about love and human connection. It was about forgiveness and redemption. Now, I don't understand how people can take no offense to the ultra-violence that is in a film like, say, Casino Royale, the bourne identity, the lord of the rings, etc. And yet take offense to a few f-bombs, contextually well-placed, and 5 seconds of on screen human anatomy.

    Do people walk out during scenes like these because of their deep respect for the procreative act, and by extension, for life? And do these same people find enjoyment in films like Dodgeball, Get Smart, or "Insert PG-13 Film with continual disrespectful references to sex here"? I really want to know this!

    Things of good report and praiseworthy seem so arbitrary these days. We really don't mean to offend anybody during our showings, and we always try to give fair warning when we think something offensive may occur. For example, if you are at all sensitive to offenses of various natures, don't come to next week's showing of Tromeo and Juliet. Just don't do it, you won't like what you see. But there are a few people who are interested in Troma films, and who would like to have an actual discussion about their merits, so we'll show the film. I probably won't be there, because it's not my cup of tea... But that doesn't mean it won't be yours. It's so difficult trying to please people.

    Of course, this is a club, and I am the advisor. And if the club votes to eliminate films that have certain types of content, I will comply. It is your club, not mine. You can bring it up to a vote at any time.


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